Re: Race, Science, & Political Correctness

Arnotts Ltd (
Wed, 04 Dec 1996 16:02:07 -0800

Arthur Ed LeBouthillier wrote:

> Race is a very real phenomenon. At least, it represents the other
> major form of societal organization: on kinship rather than territory.
> On that basis, I would say it is the anti-racists who are the most
> ignorant and hateful in their attempts to destroy long-lived
> communities and societys.

Hey Art old mate,

How do you seperate these race thingys, I suppose you use skin colour
but why? And anyway, when do you measure it, I'm damm red after last
weekends sitting in the sun watching the cricket so I suppose that puts
me in the "red race", but my sister goes a quite dark brown so is we
from different races. Why not use some other physical characteristics.
Maybe something easy to measure like height then all the tall gits both
black and white will be in one group and us shorties can pass some laws
to enslave them. Or maybe facial and body hair, that'll put most
Africans and Asians in one group but oh shit it will put those darky
Australian Aborigines in with us whites. How about eye colour, blue is
a much nicer colour than brown or green?