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4 Dec 1996 03:02:08 GMT

Kathy McIntosh <> wrote:
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><> writes
>Snipping of some rubbish from Conrad, and a very sensible, patient reply
>from Art.
>> A caribou
>>herd supplied a pre-contact Alaskan with just about everything they
>>needed. Sinew for cord, bowstrings, fishing line, etc. Fur for
>>incredibly warm parkas, pants, boots, mittens. Meat and
>^^^^^^^^^^^^^^contents). The bones could be formed into ladles,
>projectile poi^^^^^^^^^
>>tools, even flutes and needles.
>> More snipping, as above.
>Yuk! I nearly threw up on the keyboard!
>Seriously, Art, did they actually eat the stomach contents? Surely
>caribou eat grass, would it really have been that important to them?

Well Kathy, I think that at least in winter, caribou eat lichens and such
not grass. While the contents of a caribou's stomach might sound pretty
unappitizing, I think a dose of scurvy and such (Very common in cases
where some "fresh" veggies arent availble! Remember why your sailors
are sometimes called "limeys"?) might change your opinion of the Chez
Caribou salad bar! 8-))

If you want something REALLY tasty sounding, check out the fine old
Scottish recipe for "haggis"! Now THAT will leave your lunch on your
keyboard! 8-)))