Re: What Are the Race Deniers Denying?

Philip Kasiecki (
3 Dec 1996 15:56:57 GMT

In article <>,
Bob Whitaker ( ran his automated response machine and
had it produce:
: Who is demanding immigration. You're a real ding-dong, you know that.

Actually, I don't think anyone knows who's demanding immigration
except Whitaker himself. Perhaps he could provide us with a listing of
those who are demading immigration, with documented proof of this.

: You clones persist in the illusion that everybody here has not
: heard your Political Correctness until they can recite in their sleep.

Whitaker, once, just once, please, use another line...

: We have heard your whole PC routine hundreds of times at public expense.

Whitaker, once, just once, please, use another line...

: Another clone, another repeat:

Another post, another repeat of Bobby's lies. *sigh*

: As I explain to each of you clones in turn, my problem with your
: so-called "mixing" is that you are only interested in doing it in white
: majority countries. You demand massive third world immigration into
: EVERY white majority country, and ONLY into white majority countries.

I challenge Whitaker to find a post where anyone has done that.

: Your so-called solution to the race problem is always only the
: final solution to the white problem.

I challenge Whitaker to find a post where anyone has said that.

: Don't worry, I'll keep repeating this until each and every one
: of you clones has heard it.

Don't worry folks, Whitaker will keep repeating his lies even after
everyone has heard them.
And don't worry, Bob, I'll keep asking you to back up your
accusations until you either do so, or admit that you're lying.
Why does Whitaker choose to lie about the words of others?

Phil Kasiecki

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"None of us alone can save the nation or the
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