Small plastic Greek religious objects with 'Petrus' and 'SugArt' on it

Elzo Smid (
Tue, 03 Dec 1996 11:03:56 +0100


Last summer during my vacation on Crete I found two small plastic
objects along the road, close to a little chapel.
They are light blue and look like pins (5 cm long). They are decorated
in relief on one side, with in the middle the name 'Petrus' written
in Greek. On the back there is the compagny-name 'SugArt' with a
telephonenumber and a patentnumber.
I am very curious what those little things are and how they are used.
They are plastic and of no actual value at all.

There is a picture on the WWW of the objects:

click first frame: Greece

click second frame: Petrus related articles

If anyone knows, please e-mail me. It's not important, but I'm very
curious and like to know whether 'the internet' could help this way...

Thanks in advance,
Elzo Smid


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