Re: ED'S HISTORICAL OVERHAUL (Chapter II: Columbus' journey)

Ed Conrad (
3 Dec 1996 11:21:28 GMT (Ed Conrad) wrote:

I have been informed that nobody is reading the stuff I post.
So, in the above posting (about Columbus), I've deliberately included
a blatant error (as some newspapers often do to test the IQ of their

If there is no reaction, then we KNOW nobody is reading it.

You have a choice to click off now and reread the article to see if
you can find the glaring mistake.
Or you can use the down arrow to see where I deliberately put it
as a test case.
> (By starting his journey in October, it might be noted, Columbus
> undoubtedly knew that the hurricane season was past. Ever wonder why
> he didn't set leave port in May or June, a more logical choice?)

Got it? You don't?
Well, dammit, read it again!

How the hell could Columbus START his journey in October, sail across
the Atlantic at snail's pace and land in Myrtle Beach in OCTOBER?
And I thought I was stupid!

The truth is, the Nina, the Pinta and the Santa Maria actually left
port in late summer. Only a moron wouldn't know that.

And, in the event you're going to get technical about the end of the
hurricane season in the Atlantic Ocean, I've just checked with the
U.S. Weather Service and was informed that the 1492 hurricane season
started damn early that year but came to and end about a
day-and-a-half before Columbus set sail.

If you had caught the deliberate error, congratulations!
If you have any further questions, I'd first rather consult my lawyer.