Ed Conrad (
2 Dec 1996 11:42:47 GMT

Yuval Yaron <> wrote (to in response
to Ed Conrad's `Mirror Mirror on the Wall..'):

> Let me ask you an honest question: how did cacti survive the
> flood? And why is there so much endemism in freshwater fish, when the
> flood should wipe them out or spread them throughout the world, but not leave
> endemic population of fish.
> The same goes for freshwater plants, and how could I forget ferns and
> mosses? They can't survive under the water, and they don't have seeds
> that are able to survive a year of wetting.

Dear Professor Yaron:

It is always a pleasure hearing the other person's view and this most
certainly applies in your well-placed questions about cacti,
freshwater fish and plants, ferns and mosses, and seeds that are
unable to survive a year of wetting.

You can rest assured that the points you have so validly and
knowledgeably raised will be treated -- at this location -- with
sincerity and the utmost discretion.

You indeed have made an asute observations which deserve, at the very
least, serious consideration because of your skillful, well-thought
and well-reseached manner of presentation.

I have long felt that the points of intelligent discussion are truly
deserving of prompt attention and vigorous investigation, no matter
the subject matter.

It is only with a calm and and thoughtful approach to solving matters
of the irregularities in the world around us that erroneous deductions
can be eliminated and factual data achieved.

My philosphy has always been that the employment of care and caution
in a rational manner -- with all avoidance of name-calling -- is
indeed a necessity in an effort to achieve truthul and righteous

Only in this way can nagging questions about the mysteries around us
be answered more satisfactorily , and this success can only be
forthcoming by adhering to the moral guidelines set forth anf followed
by the professionals -- the ``experts" -- in the various scientific

Meanwhile, Professor Yaron, I think it is admirable that you have
traveled such a far distance to contribute your views as a new
participant in this particular Internet discussion.

I'm pretty sure you're from Israel but, to be sure, hang on while I
call up your original posting to double-check . . .


I'm BACK and I'm no more nice guy.
You know where YOU can go, Buster!

For some reason, I had missed the start of your posting
but NOW I've seen your true colors. You're no better than the rest.

Where I wrote:

>>> No, Richard, it doesn't bother me whatsoever that *NO*
>>> anthropologists and *NO* paleontologists" agree with me, giving
>>> the wrong impression that I'm the one who is spewing crap.

You wrote:

>>> This impression ain't wrong. You are the one spewing crap.

Well, pal, YOU know where you can go!!!.

And WHEREVER you go, make sure you take along your horeshit cacti,
your stupid freshwater plants, your assinine ferns and mosses, and
your frickin' seeds that can't survive a year of wetting.

Only an imbecile would interrupt a serious intelligent discussion
about the antiquity of man and and the age of dinosaurs by bringing
up such trivial horseshit that, quite frankly, isn't worth a rat's ass, and are for
intelligent people, not for dreamers, hallucinators or goofballs. This
a place for SERIOUS intelliectual discussion, not for people 35 cents
short of a dollar.

My advice to you, Yuval, is to click off the scientific News Groups
because you're certainly not ready for them yet. Try again next year
or maybe the year after.

Meanwhile, I'd strongly suggest -- for the time being -- that you use
your PC playing Megan's Magic Tiles. Make sure the setting for the
game is on Novice. Otherwise you could wind up with a headache.

Ed Conrad