ADDING FUEL TO THE FIRE (more intriguing photos!)

Ed Conrad (
2 Dec 1996 08:54:41 GMT

More fuel has been poured on the fire in the Ed Conrad-vs.-the-
Scientific-Establishment controversy about the antiquity of human
beings (while also adding millions upon millions of years to the
initial appearance of the dinosaurs).

Two more photos have just been added to Ted Holden's home page at

One is a photo of the late Wilton M. Krogman, author of ``The Human
Skeleton in Forensic Medicine" and considered one of the world's
foremost authorities on the human skeleton, proudly holding what he
described as a petrified human calvarium (a portion of a human skull
with the eye sockets broken off).

Shortly after this photo was taken at the world famous Cooper Clinic
in Lancaster, Pa., one of the doctors on staff walked past and Krogman
beckoned him to come and examine ``the oldest human skull ever found."

The other new photograph of a portion of a dinosaur foot partially
embedded in a huge slab of slate that had been removed from between
anthracite veins near Shenandoah, Pa., in Carboniferous strata dated
geologically at a minimum of 280 million years.

My apology for its lousy reproduction quality but I'm sure this will
be rectified in the near future. Hopefully, Ted will also post another
photo (now in his possession), showing the huge slab of slate from the

(Incidentally, the specimen that Krogman is holding is the same one
that is pictured a bit higher on the home page -- just below the
portion of the dinosaur foot and just above the large petrified animal