Re: What Are the Race Deniers Denying?

Phillip St. James (
Sun, 01 Dec 1996 21:11:33 +0000

So, how did you all determine who is white, black, oriental or
Amerindian? Do you determine it by phenotype? Must the person
self identify and how do you know that person is not a hybrid of
some sort? Which race trumps or bumps which if mixed? Are there
official specialists in determining race and ethnicity? Do they work
in hospitals or are police adequate determinors?

All of your learned points seem to miss the first determination of
whether your starting point is accurate. Humans are thousands of
years old as a "collection". We clearly have interbred for many
thousands of years for many reasons in virtually all regions of the
world. Now, I am trying to follow this discussion that obviously
leaves out an entire component of humankind as if we (yes, I am one
of those pesky hybrids!) do not exist or as if the Western ONE-DROP
rule is some sort of proven sacrosanct tautology.

Come on, for those of us who would like to see some light instead of
heat in this discussion, take look at all the parts before you jump in
prematurely. Hybrids are the wild card. There are arguably
contemporary phenotypical Neanderthals living among us today.
But, because current "theories" dispel their existence, the reality is
completely overlooked.

No, I am not an anthropologist, just curious and a student of