Re: What Are the Race Deniers Denying?

Bob Whitaker (
Sat, 30 Nov 1996 00:16:59 -0500

> >Note to Carl Skutsch: You are contributing yourself to the
> clutter on this thread. I'm trying to find out what the race deniers are
> denying. If you are one that things that there is no such thing as race
> in humans, please tell us what you mean by race.
> Frank Forman
> "It is a far, far better thing to be firmly anchored in
> nonsense than to put out on the troubled seas of thought" - John Kenneth
> Galbraith
> Yo Frank, you want my views on race, you can get them here, right off
> the presses:
> 1 - Race, as defined by most white nationalist types does not exist.
> This is the belief that peoples are linked together by some biological
> bond which is made physically obvious by shared physical traits.
> The problem is, the racial thinkers can never pin down scientifically
> what race is. Yes, certain groups of people share certain traits,
> (dark skin, rounder faces, etc) but those traits are constantly
> evolving as the human race interbreeds amongst itself (as it has
> always done). Biologically we have a hell of a lot more in common
> with each other than a belief in race would suggest.
> 2 - Race does exist as a social construct. People have used this physical
> fact - humans living in the same area tend to develop similar features -
> to argue that these physical differences of appearance are very important
> and should be the basis of political / social alliances, along the lines
> of "my race good, your race can go to hell for all I care." While I think
> this is silly (and sad), it is a political reality that I cannot ignore.
> And, I should add, it is a belief shared by members of all racial groups:
> black nationalists who argue that whites are evil ice people are just as
> racist as whites who believe in aryan superiority and jews who believe
> that jews have a greater right to a homeland than palestinians.
> 3 - In my ideal world (unrealized yet),

How many people have died for you leftists' ideal world?

race will be as important as hair
> color in affecting our view of the world. I condemn all racism,
> wherever it comes from, because it creates artificial barriers between
> all of us humans--the only category that really matters.
> Carl Skutsch