Re: Taste of Human Flesh

Michael K Lerch (
30 Dec 1994 01:35:30 GMT

Richard Spear ( wrote:
: (Jeff Jacobsen) writes:
: > wrote:

: > They ate a drunk in "Fried Green Tomatoes" and the sheriff thought it
: >was the best ribs he'd ever had. They ate their fellow passengers in
: >that one movie about the crash in the Andes. I don't remember if they
: >said what it tasted like.

: ... and an entire restaurant was run on human flesh in "Eat The Rich" (an
: entertaining movie) *and* let's not forget "Sweeney (sp?) Todd, where people
: tasted like meat pies.

And let us not forget the classic movie "Eating Rauol" (although I don't
recall that taste was ever mentioned--it's been a while).