Applied Anthropology:Research
28 Dec 94 20:31:33 -0500

Hi there. For my 4th year Applied Anthropology class, I
am working at the Northeastern Ontario Cancer Research Centre, researching the
barriers to Cervical Cancer Screening. With the information I gather,
an intervention program within the area will be organized.
Cervical cancer is the third highest gynaecologic malignancy diagnosed
in women worldwide, and it can be effectively treated if it is detected early
enough. Unfortunately, a large proportion of women do not undergo the
recommended Pap tests. My early research has uncovered that compliance to
testing varies cross culturally. (i.e. White women are tested more than
Black women; Native women; and Hispanic women).
I am requesting any information you may be able to provide regarding
cultural attitudes toward medical care, specifically those attitudes of women.
Any information could help us properly examine the barriers to
screening, and aid us in organizing an effective intervention program.
Please mail me at my address below.
Thanks in advance,

Lisa McNeil