Re: Taste of Human Flesh

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Wed, 28 Dec 1994 17:39:00 GMT

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>>just crossposting this, so you folx can give a proper answer :
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>>David Olson <> wrote:
>>Can anyone tell me what human flesh tastes like? Is it more akin
>>to beef, lamb, or the proverbial "chicken"? Also, how would it
>>be best prepared... is it sufficiently tender to be served rare
>>while broiled... or does it need a lot of cooking and best part of
>>a stew for instance...

Wasn't cooked person traditionally called "long pig" among
the cannibals of the South Pacific for its resemblance to pork?
(As for cooking, I'd guess that might depend upon cut and
condition. Haunch of athlete would be pretty tough--stew or
braise it. But you could probably broil a well-marbled
couch-potato cutlet.)