Re: New book on physical theory of social and biological evolution

Sean Donelan (
27 Dec 94 09:40:27 CDT

In article <>, Christine Wade <> writes:
> It was my impression that hawking one's wares was inappropriate
> in this newsgroup. Isn't there somewhere better to go?

Which of the many newsgroups listed are you refering too?

I saw you post in misc.books.technical. At the time m.b.t was created I
had a discussion with the new group proponents about this subject. Along
with several other topic areas, it was intended to be a place that publishers
and authors could announce new technical books (once!). I felt it would be
taken over by students selling their old textbooks (over and over!).

Hawking wares in the number of newsgroups listed in the newsgroup line
is inappropriate. Note the followup-to:.

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