Good Thing I'm Not The Anti-Christ

D. Kabatoff (
27 Dec 1994 03:03:48 GMT

Dear President Clinton (and the people of the Great Nation of America, our
neighbors and friends to the south, some of which are fat, some have red
hair, some look like pigs with rings in their noses, but nobody's perfect,
I guess),

President Clinton, I need your assistance. People are angry at me and
want to take away my internet account. One jerk's name is Silas Dunsmore
(169=13x13, and he is goink so far as to insinuate that
the contents of my posting "Collecting Mail For The Coming Anti-Christ" is
of an illegal nature!!! President Clinton, the issue at hand is tradition.
My great grandmother was married at the age of 13. I'm saying that if you
have the tradition to decorate and bow to trees (13 times the Bible speaks
against bowing to or decorating trees: Deut 12:2, 1 Ki 14:23, 2 Ki 16:4,
17:10, 2 Ch 28:4, Is 57:5, Jer 2:20, 3:6, 3:13, 10:3-4, 17:2, Ez 6:13, Hos
14:8), or if your tradition is to violate God's 4th Commandment and
instead honor the false Roman Catholic sabbath, why can't the coming
Anti-Christ follow possible tradition in his family and marry thirteen 13
year old young women? And furthermore President Clinton, your tradition is
to not only erect obelisks (satanic representations of penises), but you
get your war vets to bow to these penises via the placement of wreaths.
You get your children to bow to decorated trees via the placement and
retrieval of presents, and you get your war vets to bow to penises via the
placement of wreaths (an obelisk is a satanic representation of a penis...
satanists erect obelisks and other penis-like structures because they see
the penis as having a creative or god-like ability, but Shawn knows that
your penis is closer to your anus than to God). You have tradition Mr.
President, what makes your tradition so holy that you can have an internet
account and I cannot? Personally Mr. President, I think 13 is too young
(and too few), 17 is a nice number though. I'm sure the coming Anti-Christ
would want at least one American wife as long as she wasn't fat and didn't
have red hair... I predict that the coming Anti-Christ will be suspicious
of the intentions of red-headed women, but I could be wrong, I've been
wrong before, I could be wrong again. Being wrong is not a good reason to
take away my internet account and stick a needle up my arse and lock me
away in a basement.

And there is tradition at the University of Saskatchewan. For example,
their tradition in the Department of Anthropology is to teach that
cannibalism only went on in pre-civilized Africa and the South Seas.
Aleister Crowley, like so many American presidents, was a 33rd degree
Freemason and he wrote "White Stains: A Neuropath of the Second Empire"
in 1898... it is a book of poetry where he gleefully discusses cannibalism.
The University of Saskatchewan has many libraries including several
theological libraries. The main library has a copy of White Stains on
record (and other books by Crowley) while the name Ellen G. White doesn't
appear on the computer network. Apparently the tradition at the University
of Saskatchewan is to censor Adventist books and cannibalism, yet while
providing books that gleefully discuss cannibalism. It is somewhat like
the media that on one hand teaches Godless doctrine but on the other hand
pushes the Roman Catholic and the false prophet Protestant churches. The
media in Saskatoon bent over backwards to libel me and to make be appear
to be non-credible, the media in Saskatoon shares blame for my repeated
incarcerations, but that is another story.

President Clinton, come to Saskatoon and see the seven penis poster
poles on Broadway Avenue, and see the multitude of little penises that
have sprouted up recently on 20th Street near downtown. I have been
repeatedly incarcerated, chemically lobotomized (tortured) for telling
people that satanists have erected seven penis poster poles on Broadway Ave.,
and for saying that the churches, the media and the schools are censoring
the cannibalism spoken of in the Bible, and for saying that the Bible
tells us not to decorate or bow to trees. Mr. Clinton, I ask that you
contact the prime minister and each and every provincial premier of Canada
and tell them that if they are placing people into captivity for talking,
then into captivity they will go (Rev 13:10), as they talk a lot. Tell
them that when I get a needle shoved up my arse, my hair falls out, my
skin gets hard and dry, there is pain in my brain that lingers for months,
and it eats away at my internal organs and this together with my resulting
anger makes my heart palpitate irregularly. It is only "after" they shut
down my cognitive processes do they allow me to argue my sanity in front
of a panel of middle-class "experts" who received money from Grant Define
to fix up their bloody blasements, it is not a very nice thing for them to
be goink and doink. Grant Define assisted those who already had wealth
and not the poor who were being preyed upon.

President Clinton, the laws in Canada state that my parents
can repeatedly torture me with these chemicals if I am not married, and
now that my atheist and gambling parents have seen to it that I have a
history of mental illness, these politician puppets of yours running
Canada could probababbly be goink and locking me up even after I am
married. I am not happy with the present state of affairs and have
therefore stepped forward to seek your assistance (and perhaps your

President Clinton, you should see some of the e-mail I have been
receiving, people are goink and telling me to shut up about the
numerological structure of Scripture. People don't wish to see that God
has constructed the Bible as a number matrix. I even get angry messages
when I post the numerological analysis in math topics, not a nice thing
for them to be goink and doink. People want the status quo and I am asking
you to violate your traditions and push your 555 foot 5 inch penis into
the reflecting pool (Jer 43:13), to send the penis in Central Park back to
Egypt, and to assist me in obtaining safe haven inside or outside of
Canada. I have posted a Pentium joke Mr. President, I hope you read it.
And Mr. President, although I am not the Anti-Christ... perhaps, and am
only receiving his mail (and writing poetry for him until he comes), I
could still personally benefit by having my very own American wife to hold
my hand and pray with me at the foot our bed for "blessings" rather than
for "adversity" for your great nation, or some damn thing like that. I can
not go on without America holding my hand, your daughter should apply for
a position. I need America to hold my hand and insure that I am praying
for blessing for your great nation rather than for adversity, or some damn
thing like that (some people are hard of hearing and so I need to repeat
myself). If I had an American wife the people in America could hear from
her on a daily basis that it was indeed blessings that I was praying for
rather than for adversity, and people would be less likely to say that I
was prejudiced against fat Americans, or some damn thing like that. People
are always goink and putting words into my mouth and making me say things
that I never said, which is not a nice thing for them to be goink and

Mr. President, if you are truly concerned with the things of God, then
put aside your traditions and adopt the God of the Seventh day. His Bible
is marked with sevens and His Sabbath is eternally the seventh day (you
will find His Commandments in the 70th chapter). I encourage you to worship
God in His Seventh-day Adventist Church for seven Sabbaths in a row and to
form your opinion of the church only after doink this. You are not saved
by your works Mr. President, yet if you truly loved Him you would obey His
Commandments. Mr. President, I predict that if you take measures to
demolish the 555 foot 5 inch dink and give the prisoners a fair chance in
society by making some land available to them, your popularity in the
United States of America and the world over would increase by leaps and

Psalm 117 -shortest chapter
Psalm 119 (7x17) -longest chapter
66 (7x7+17) -Books

Esther becomes Queen in Book 17 and Q is the 17th letter of the English
alphabet. The first two chapters with 17 verses are chapters 91 and 93,
together for 184, or the 167 verses of Book 17 plus 17 more. Isaiah
contains 66 chapters, 3 of the chapters are 6 verses in length, chapters
4, 12 and 20, adds to 6x6. Isaiah 4 is Bible chapter 683 (666+17). Please
encourage the nubile sweeties in your great nation to send their
photographs to me at Box 7134, Saskatoon Saskatchewan Canada, S7K 4J1, as
I predict that Isaiah 4:1 is about the coming Anti-Christ and his 7 wives
(maybe 17 wives if we can dig up another Isaiah manuscript), and that when
he rises he is goink to be pleased with my efforts to collect the
photographs for him, and that he is coming soon, and that he is goink to
be a really nice guy (probababbly). But he may be suspicious of the
intentions of red-headed women so make sure that any pictures of
red-headed women are in color so as not to deceive the coming Anti-Christ.
Not a nice thing for you to be doink is to be goink and deceiving the
coming Anti-Christ. Maybe write in large red letters "RED" on the outside
of the envelope as a warning as to the contents if the envelope contains a
color photograph of a red-headed woman. You never know just what he is
capable of goink and doink (Jer 51: 20-23) or what or who it is that he
might have doinked already, and I think that I have the Spirit of God with
me when I say that (1 Cor 7:40). It is all very incredibabble.