New book on physical theory of social and biological evolution

Arthur Iberall (
26 Dec 1994 23:48:16 GMT

Note to anyone with scientific-intellectual interests in
the topic of a physical theory for evolution, both for
social and biological systems.

My colleagues and I , Art Iberall, Dave Wilkinson, Doug
White, have written a book Foundations for Social and
Biological Evolution, Progress Toward a Physical Theory of
Civilization and of Speciation.

In a first half, it traces the diffusion of hunter-gathers
around the Earth, a theory for subsequent settlement and the
evolution of civilization, for the past 10,000 years, and
compares such a physically founded theory with the two main
social science contenders - ComteUs Positivism, and Marx-
EngelsU Dialectic Materialism.

In a second half, it examines the evolution of species
from both a geophysical and biophysical point of view and
confronts the problem that while the existence of evolution is
secure, the current argument of punctuate versus gradual
evolution requires a theory in which both processes coexist.
Foundations for such a theory is developed. We also lay a
rather specific and detailed geophysical basis for EarthUs
interior convective processes and the hydrological erosion of
continents which combine to make lifeUs evolution possible.

The content of discussion we offer makes it sound like no
other book. We ask the curious reader who wants to examine a
foundation different from anyone elseUs, for example Sept.
1994 Scientific AmericanUs issue on the origin of the life
process, to make the trial. We ask only for $14 +$3 shipping
and handling. If the book doesnUt grab you, send it back for a
refund. Meanwhile you will have been exposed to 300 pages of
hopefully new and interesting thought.

Send check to A. Iberall, Cri-de-Coeur Press, 5070
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