Re: Native American Populations

Lee Sultzman (
Mon, 26 Dec 1994 05:30:00 GMT

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> (Lee Sultzman) writes:
> >You are so full of anger and hate that you are part of the very problem
> >you seek to solve. Have a nice life!
> >--
> >Lee
> Thank you, Friend, for including me in the circle of life. It is
> impossible to feel anger and gratitude at the same time. I am not aware
> of any hatred expressed by me. My comments were intended to clarify and
> understand your comments better. If you choose to associate the emotion of
> hatred with that, obviously, I can do nothing about it. If on the other
> hand you are suggesting that loving and being loved is the purpose of
> life, I quite agree.

Your post came as a pleasant surprise, and yes... we agree about loving. I suspect that upon closer examination we would probably find many things that we agree about. The circle of life, the brotherhood of man, or our common humanity essentially are the same thing. We are going to need all of the love that we can muster to correct this legacy that our ancestors have left us.

My newsreader program occasionally burps and fails to transmit the complete message omitting several words in the middle of a paragraph. That was what unfortunately happened to my last post. Everything reads normally at this end, and the only way to detect the problem is after it is posted on the newsgroup. Very frustrating for both of us, but I'm working on it.