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Sat, 24 Dec 1994 23:22:22 PST

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>Subject: Re: Social Engineering (was: Different patriarchy Model)
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>I would never say that coercion has not been used to deny many people
>the opportunities they had every right to. I do say that the coercive
>measures that used government to impose more coercion on society, in order
>to "right the balance" were worse than fruitless, they have degraded
>the situation.

The efforts to right wrongs done to minorities (and particularly African
Americans) by "coercion" have been effective, not "worse than fruitless".
Minorities hold positions of power and authority in business, science and
education because of egual opportunity laws and school enrollment policies,
not because whites have recognized their equal value on an even playing field.
I work and go to school and I can tell you that racism and oppression are as
real as ever ... minorities and women have to work harder and demand more than
priveledged whites ... and there are such things as priveledged whites ...
priveledged by virtue of their connections by birth or education or the
accident of connections.

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>You don't have to emulate the people (whatever their skin color) who
>have some, by gaining a higher business position, demonstrated ability to
>produce for and profit from society? That is an example of the classist
>biggotry that set up many for a fall during the last 30 years! The "white
>upper class" had many offspring who "partied hearty", you're right. A
>horrible proportion of those people are now wondering why they aren't
>nearly as well off as they, and their "upper class" parents, expected.
>Sure, some got by anyway, and yes the changes in the marketplace have been
>rapid, but the refusal to aquire the basic skills needed in the
>marketplace is almost as damaging to the advancement of a scion of the
>"upper classes" as to the child of the poorest black (latino, hmong, ...)
>ghetto dweller.

You're wrong, Pioneer Tom. Minorities aren't "[refusing] to aquire the basic
skills ...", they are being *denied* them. I don't know how close you have
come to an inner city school (or an inner city, for that matter) but the
resources, opportunities and environment are not conducive to social
advancement and position. Oh, and the scions? I have no sympathy for *their*
problems. I just see it as chickens coming home to roost, you know?

>Please do not impute attitudes to me that I have fought all my life.

I don't know what you have fought all of your life. I know of only what you
write here, in this newsgroup.

Regards, Richard