Re: Native American Populations

Barbara Washburn (
24 Dec 94 16:35:08 GMT (Lee Sultzman) writes:

>... Barbara's question, "what evidence is there that these diseases were
>'INADVERTENTLY brought with them'?" was a little unfair, since it requires
>proof that the epidemics were NOT intentionally transferred. Further
>on in her post is the standard "Have you stopped beating your wife
>question:" "At what point were TB invested blankets found to be the
>cause of native american deaths? When the cause was discovered, how long
>before the practice of giving such blankets to native americans subs

"... a little unfair..." ??? It was your choice of words that I was
asking for clarification. Is it unfair to expect you to clarify YOUR
choice of words. Likewise what are we to make of your unfinished
sentences? It is assumed that you have something which you feel is
important to communicate, but if you are not going to do so with as much
clarity as possible, if you are going to slur your words, leave
unfinished sentences, use half truths, then there is not much sense in
attempting to take your original posting seriously.

>Regarding intentional biochemical warfare, many of us have been unable
>to find solid evidence. This doesn't mean that there isn't any, or we
>haven't tried. A lot of rumor, but nothing you can sink your teeth into.

Your transition from "us" to "your teeth" causes more confusion.

>Please don't consider my requests for places and dates as a personal
>challenge. They are NOT meant to be confrontational. If your research
>has uncovered such evidence, or if Barbara has some good material on
>Jesuit involvement, I would be very interested. As a matter of fact, I
>would be gra

Hmm. More incomplete sentences...

>If you have access to tribal oral histories that you are willing to share,
>beautiful. The level of our conversations on this subject will get a
>serious upgrade as a result, and maybe we can all learn something.

I'm not really interested in a serious upgrade of the dialogue or
dialectic we are engaged in. I am interested in your using language that
better expresses the concepts that you are concerned about in ways that
are less provocative, less of a projection of your own faults onto
others. If you are truly interested in a bibliography for your further
reading, try Jack Weatherford's "Indian Givers," "Narcotics en Boliva y
los Estados Unidos," "Porn Row," and "Tribes on the Hill." (New York,
Fawcett Columbine Publishers).

Enjoy your eggnog, but try not to post when your ideas cannot be
understood as you intend, or when your postings require clarifications,
or when you cannot finish the sentences you begin.
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