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>I do not attribute _all_ of the negative changes to breaking Jim Crow
>housing by coercion, just a lot more than many hierarchies are willing to
>accept. Large amounts of blame are available to put on the shoulders of
>those who told newly urbanized black families that they didn't have to
>"be like whitey". This sort of epithet was commonly used against young
>co-workers of mine who made sure they got to work on time, by leaving the
>carousing of an evening at an early hour. It was unfortunately supported
>by much of the "radical black leaders" rhetoric, and was very
>damaging to the education and carreers of many who did give in to it.
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But Pioneer Tom -

Just *which* whiteys were the role models here? Most young people among my
fellow workers partied late and struggled to work in the morning. Maybe the
admonition should have been "You don't have to be like your white bosses ..."
or, "You don't have to be like the white upper class ...", but noooo, youth
there also partied hearty well into the night.

Your comments begin to smell a bit ..."... leaving the carousing at an early
hour" (something *all* whites do and no African Americans, huh?). Pioneer Tom,
I think that you wish to deny that there has been any unequal distribution of
opportunity based upon race, and that a "level playing field" is all that we
need, and the worthy will progress, regardless of race, gender, etc. That's
bunk, my friend.

Regards, Richard