Re: Population Limited by Territoriality?

Gerold Firl (
23 Dec 1994 13:00:43 -0800

In article <3d5vpc$> (Camilla Cracchiolo) writes:

>The US and Western Europe basically have stable or
>negative population growth rates from births; increases are primarily due
>to immigration. This suggests that how many children someone has is
>influenced by lots of things besides deep seated psychological motivations.

Absolutely. I would contend that all human cultures have built-in
mechanisms for limiting population growth. We are so successful at
exploiting our environment that we have had to use social controls on
population growth, rather than being limited by the immediate surroundings.
The study of how different societies have dealt with this problem is one of
the most interesting and important ones in all of anthropology,
particularly since the recent disturbances created by western technology
has circumvented many of these controls, creating our population crisis. We
need to adapt fast.

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