Re: Dr. Gene Scott

Don Collett (
Fri, 23 Dec 1994 14:35:59 GMT

I mostly watch Dr. Scott via Satellite TV (G3, T12). I purchased a radio shack
DX-350 but as yet, have not been able to pick him up on any of the listed
frequencies. I seem to be in a dead zone even when commuting 60 miles to work from
north Georgia into metro Atlanta.

Just for survey purposes, how many people out there would vote for a Dr. Gene Scott
Internet news group? What would be an appropriate name, "alt.dr.gene.scott"? Be
aware, that even if we had enough people to justify such a news group, we would still
have to get Dr. Scott's permission. Dr. Scott teaches on alot of subjects but mostly
on the scriptures and archaeology so it may be a little difficult slotting him under
an appropriately named newsgroup.

I also wish that a WWW site on Dr. Scott's teaching existed. It would be great to
be able to pull up the current picture or drawing that he is using when he is teaching.


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In article, (PETER Q. GEORGE) writes:
>You gotta give Gene Scott a lot of credit.........
>I am somewhat convinced that he is not always "not-on-the-square", but he
>is quite the entertainer. As a college student living in Westfield MA.
>in 1978, I found his programming on the now-late WHCT-TV Channel 18 in
>Hartford, CT. to be more entertaining than the boring fare found on the
>other Springfield/Hartford/New Haven stations that were the only source
>TV "entertainment" in that area. However, cable came my way and brought
>a few more stations available (WPIX, WOR, WCDC and WSBK).
>You can be certain that when you give to Gene, (he, he, he) you know what
>your money is going to. Can the other "tele-proselytizers" make the same
>claim ? I think NOT !
>Gene is as crusty as ever and even more entertaining than most of the crap
>found anywhere else. You might not agree with him (I certainly don't) but
>'s a lot of fun to listen to.
>More power to ya' Gene !
>Peter Q. George (N1GGP)
>A "Radio-Junkie" for over 25 years !!