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23 Dec 1994 17:44:29 GMT

Every Atheist I have known, believes - with a religious fervor -
that all Reality is ultimately explainably in accordance with the
Laws of the Physical Universe. They would never concede the
existence of another - Spiritual Universe.
Anyone who moves the least bit in that direction is out of the
Atheist loop. For instance, anyone who says "I don't know" about
the possibility that Life exists elsewhere in Space - because
that raises the possibility that in Infinite Time and Space, and
taking into account the possibility that our Universe is not the
only one, Life has matured to its ultimate configuration -"God".
To believe, or even hint that everything we perceived is a
'Will Expression' of God provokes a frenzy of vituperation that a
self-assured 'Child of God' recognizes as over-compensation
for the Atheists' dread-feeling of Inner Emptiness. PUBLIUS