Re: Population Limited by Territoriality?
Thu, 22 Dec 1994 23:54:16 GMT

In article <3dafo9$> (Camilla Cracchiolo) writes:

>Oh, so you don't think it has anything to do with the women getting older
>and having to have the kids before they go through menopause? Or these
>folks wanting to be more financially settled before having children?
>Or that they couldn't get by without both parents working so the
>childcare has to be done by someone else? This doesn't sound all that
>different from other people of my generation (I'm 37) who waited to have
>kids and who have to have someone else take care of their kid because
>both of them have to work if they are going to own a home, save for
>retirement, save for college and pay for the kid's current education.

No, it doesn't. The folks I referred to are people in their 20s with lots of
moolah. In the 1980s we called them yuppies. Some hire nannies, some don't.
If they are saving for a home, it's a second one. The first being a condo in

What you say may be true of many middle-class people, but not the people I was