Desmond Morris
Wed, 21 DEC 94 19:00:07 -0500

I've been looking over tapes of Desmond
Morris' TV series, "The Human Animal:
A Personal View of the Human Species," for
review. Originally produced for the BBC,
the four-part series has a somewhat startlingly
frank examination of the sexual act in Part
Four, complete with heat-sensitive camera
shots of the sexual organs in congress,
and extreme closeups of the deed taken
both inside and outside the participants'
bodies. I'm told by a publicist for
The Learning Channel, which is airing
the series beginning Jan 1, that the
series has been edited for American viewers,
however the sex act stays in. She said the
act itself was performed for Morris and the
cameras by a "married couple" (I think the
distinction is quaint) who copulated thrice
weekly for several months in order to record
the whole sequence (which lasts a rather
impressive five minutes or so).
Did this cause any stir in Great Britian
when it was first aired on the BBC? Are the
details I have correct? And how is Morris'
work regarded professionally? He is clearly
a clever writer and entertaining documentary
host, but do his observations add up to
anything significant or at least controversial?
Mark Bowden