Re: Population Limited by Territoriality?

Gerold Firl (
19 Dec 1994 19:39:53 -0800

In article <> (Thomas Day) writes:

>The reasons most (>50%) people experess for having children are much
>more simple and less esoteric than immortality.

What reasons do they give? And furthermore, what credence do we give these
reasons? Each human being is descended from a long line of human beings,
each of whom has reproduced. If polled as to why, they probably would have
given very different "reasons", but the fact is, they are all descended
from a long line of non-human ancestors, each of whom having reproduced
themselves. It seems clear that living things are constructed in such a way
as to make it likely that they will reproduce. This is built-in, at a very
basic, animal level, in every human being. If asked, people will give some
nice-sounding reason for why they have children, but the evidence suggests
that no nice-sounding reason is actually necessary. People will have lots
and lots of children unless some limiting process acts to impose a cap.

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