Cow's Islands

Jean-Pierre Messager (
12 Dec 1994 16:33:03 GMT

Hi all,

I'm working on a anthropologic dissertation about a very typical
and hypothetical tradition in Brittany : The Cow's Islands, it
seems that, some times ago, on the breton coast cows were
drived on little islands with grass on it.
I only have indirect witness about it, so i do not know if
it's a legend or an historical fact.
I found one island at Kerlouan (Bro-Leon) and another at
Plouhinec (Bro-Gerne, Sizun Cap).

I'd like to have information about any case of this type
in Brittany (or even in Wales, Scotland, Ireland...or France).

Tanks in advance.

Be seeing you.

Loic Kerdraon
Skol Veur Breizh Izel
Rannskol al liziri ha skianchou an tud
Dept. of Cultural and Social Anthropology (Ethnologie)

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