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Mon, 19 Dec 1994 03:30:28 GMT

In article <3cs5nq$> (Arno Stam) writes:
>STAM, KOCERO: RFD: soc.culture.kurdish
>Group Name : soc.culture.kurdish
>Status : Unmoderated
>Distribution : Worldwide
>Summary : Discussion about the culture, history, social and
> political devolepments in Kurdistan or related to
> Kurdistan.
>Proposed by : Kocero, Stam

I wholeheartly support the creation of soc.culture.kurdish.
I invite all other true Russians to support it too.

Freedom to Kurdistan!


>This is the official Request For Discussion concerning the creation of a
>news group called soc.culture.kurdish.
>This newsgroup will be established as a forum for sharing ideas and
>information about the culture, history, social and political
>devolepments in Kurdistan or related to Kurdistan.
>This newsgroup will provide open discussions on the issue of
>Kurdish Question, that is shared by different countries where Kurds
>currently live. This news group will also be accessable for other people
>from Kurdistan and others who believe that they have any kind of
>relationship with Kurdistan.
>The discussions will be in English or in different dialects of Kurdish
>(languages within Kurdish family).
>This RFD has been posted in accordance with the Guidelines for Newsgroup
>Creation. Its language is based on previously submitted RFDs. The RFD is
>being cross posted to the following relevant newsgroups:
>Any subsequent discussion is directed to news.groups.
>Periodically, interest in a group to discuss the Kurdish issue
>has been expressed. Questions concerning Kurdish problem have been
>posted in various newsgroups. It is widely felt that due to its context
>(the Kurdish problem) the other groups like soc.culture.turkish are
>inadequate for this purpose, not only because of different languages
>but also for the reason that just only one part of Kurdistan shares
>some common background with Turkey.
>So it is felt that a seperate newsgroup is suitable. A proposed charter
>was posted on some of the newsgroups listed above one year ago.
>There were a reasonable number of replies indicating interest.
>This Newsgroup will virtually connect the vast scattered people from
>Kurdistan and hopefully it might contribute to bring the seperated
>dialects of Kurdish to a single national language.
>Future Call for Votes
>After a discussion period of 30 days, if there are not overwhelming
>objections to this proposed group, there will be a call for votes (CFV)
>posted to the same groups as this RFD. The voting period will be at
>least 21 days
>The voting will be conducted by a third-party.