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Reffering back to my scociology term paper on the subject, I
seem to have been able to find a lot of solid proof on the subject. An "A"'s
worth. One tribe even went so far as to pile brush to attract some poor sod out
collecting fire wood. Twang, long pig for dinner. Not to say that all
cannibalistic tribes went out hunting humans specificaly. Most would just go
out hunting. If it was a human who got snagged then it was long pig.
As far as humans as a protien scource, remember something about if a
tribe were to use human to supply half its protien needs they would need to
slaughter a full grown man every other day. Average tribe being around 30 or
There are/were different kinds of cannibalism. Endo, being the
consumption of friends and family. Exo, the consumption of enimies/strangers.
Or both, meaning that all humans were fair game.
There are different reasons for it as well. Ritualistic, as reffered to
by the Aztecs. Survival, as in the Fairchild disaster in Chile. And just plain
old fashiond gastronomic, meaning it tasted good.
All variations of these descriptions were practiced as well. While one
tribe I read about might eat its members after death fro communion with the
dead, another had the habit of eating any members of the tribe if they were
injured in anyway (broken bones, long duration of illeness, etc.). One even
went so far as to allow captives to mate with the females. Any female offspring
were kept to breed, while the males were raised to someday grace the dinner
table when the tribe felt like it.
As far as taste goes, I have always heard/read pork, but with the
texture of chicken. But probably as in cattle, different parts have different

Happy eating!!