Re: Mortal Combat II and violence

Patsy E (
17 Dec 1994 14:50:20 -0500

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>The rapidity with which a single generation can assimilate a new mode of
>thought which is incomprehensible to their parents says a lot about the
>plasticity of our collective intellect and points out the differential
>rate of development for culture vs biology.

I don't disagree with this at all. My nine year old son is really quite
different that I am in terms of quick responses to games. Iwas a kid who
did my homework in front of tv which for my generation was the multimodal
developmental process... I aint against new technology per se... NBA Jam,
Soccer, Football all elicit the wild behaviour which the more violent
games do, in terms of raising respiration rates, etc. but at least they
are not desensitizing the intellect into condoning heart extraction. Last
night on one of those tv newsshows they dissected Power Rangers and
whether watching them made kids violent. The reporter who did the story
had a son who watched and earsn his living from the medium which likes to
broadcast such tripe. My kid, no dweeb, active, smart and computer
literate, comments that he can tell the difference between the van damme
addicts and other kids... Technology and culture is one thing. violence
and culture is another... remember the roman collesium! Patsy e.
unc-chapel hill abd in cultural anth.