Why not simply present your facts, Hugh?

Gil Hardwick (gil@landmark.DIALix.oz.au)
Fri, 16 Dec 1994 03:49:40 GMT

All these facts you say you have, Hugh, why don't you simply present
them? Why rave on and on about me not asking you for information, when
you and your mates initiated all of these actions one after another
over a very considerable period indeed.

Similarly Dr Rindos, who had last year mailed me insisting that there
were FAR MORE facts I needed to take into the account, without ever
bothering to simply state them.

And none such were ever presented in court, nor are available now as
public documents in the various packages of material released by the

Are there any such facts at all? YOU PEOPLE are the active agents in
all of this, yes? That much we do know. The whole world knows that by
now. Only you can give us the answers on what the heck you are up to.

You have here to this very group published the most scurrilous and
unrelenting abuse against people you don't even know. You have acted
in the most hysterical and underhand manner to have people who
disagree with you denied access to this medium, and you persist in
mailing me with the most bizarre and childish name-calling any of us
have ever witnessed.

And now you insist that I am spreading "innuendo about a whole new
department". What "new department"? What on earth are you on about at
all? Do you think words people write just take on a life of their
own, beyond your own obviously fertile imagination playing games with
you and interrupting your perception of the reality of life out here
in Western Australia?

Why don't you simply tell us the whole story from your point of view,
as plainly and simply as you will and using your every anthropological
skill for reporting independently verifiable facts we can all go and
check for ourselves, and let that be the end of the matter?

On the other hand, if your case is in fact sound why do you persist
with such venom; all the name-calling and abuse?