Maybe try again, eh?

Gil Hardwick (
Tue, 13 Dec 1994 23:24:00 GMT

Maybe I can try again to find out what it was in particular which
upset you so, Henry W. Collier.

Was it my reply to Mr Firl on his claims to having evolved to pant and
slobber after shaven 16-year old pussies?

Or maybe it was my little sketch on the likely development of all this
silly Virtual Reality, was it? That stupid Cybersex thingy? And how
embarrassed some rugged He-man Sports Jock might be to find that the
electronic dildo at the other end of the wire was being used by a
queer instead.

Or was it that you haven't read Foucault either, and got caught like
the rest with your intellectual pants down around your knees? I do
appreciate that you may not have read The Order of Things, since it
has been so hard to get here, but certainly The History of Sexuality
(you guessed it!) has been widely circulated.

Please reply.