Hugh Jarvis

RixCfeAmr (
10 Dec 1994 10:30:06 -0500

Gil Harwick makes a couple of understandable errors in his
characterization of Hugh Jarvis. First, Hugh is Canadian rather than
American, but since Canada is so often referred to as "America Light" the
difference is probably irrelavant to Mr. Hardwick. Though one wonders why
someone with considerable anthropological insight in so many other areas
continues to stereotype all Americans. The second point is that Hugh
Jarvis is not a "Teacher" of anthropology, at least in the sense of being
a faculty member. Hugh is a graduate student in archaeology. Mr. Hardwick
may take some comfort in the possibility that his own struggle with
academic anthropology is one that Hugh may soon share, given the very
dreadful state of the job market.

And speaking of Hugh, the recent AAA meetings in Atlanta were buzzing with
reports that Hugh's own list serve group, Anthro-L, is the source of
considerable criticism of the Tedlock/Editors of the American
Anthropologist. The irony is, of course, that the Tedlocks are members of
the faculty in his own department. Graduate students must have more...
guts now than when I was a student!



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