Ancestors in Vietnam

Markus Vorpahl (
8 Dec 1994 16:25:11 GMT

Help -

I am writing my M.A,-thesis on the ritual (or cult) of ancestor worshipping in
Vietnam. There is quite some literature on it in french and a bit in vietnamese
(which i'm unfortunately not realy able to read). So, if you know about anybody
who worked on this or a similar subject, of if you came across some texts about
it, I would highly appreciate any information.

By the way, I spent almost one year in Hanoi and got the impression that there
are not many anthropologists/ethnologists working in the area. As I found it
quite interesting and met some helpful local scientists, it would be nice to here
from people who did or intend to do some fieldwork (or scientific tourism) in

Please reply to Markus Vorpahl

Many thanks in advance