ivory coast 2

Fabrice Braun (fab@zedat.fu-berlin.de)
Thu, 8 Dec 1994 13:32:41 GMT

hi there! o dear, my editor makes me sick. soon i will get a
nervous-breakdown, i am sure. so this is again a new try.
so this is my problem: i study anthropology and i am just
about to write a thesis about birth and birth-help in
west-africa, focusing especially on the ivory-coast. i have
already been there and done research work, but i still need
more informations! so what i am interested in is: what do
the medical-systems in west-africa look like? how do they
care about birth? what about the two different medical
systems, taht exist there: a traditional one on the one
hand and a modern one on the other hand. do they fit?
or do they harm each other? and what do the people
prefer (especially for birth)? what are the differences
between city and country-side? what are the differences
between the different countries? where does birth
usually take place (at home, hospital etc.)?
so many questions, so many answers wanted?
please, if anyone out there knows any informations,
please tell me. if you know about a book that deals
with my questions, tell me! and, most important:
how can i get an internet-connection to west-africa,
especially the ivory-coast? so please, please, give
me a few hints, i will be very grateful. thank you!
;-) and bye!