Tum te tum te tum . . .

Gil Hardwick (gil@landmark.DIALix.oz.au)
Thu, 08 Dec 1994 00:21:36 GMT

Hugh writes again:

>Further, dearest odd Hrdwick, what's all this nonsense about
>human origins and evolutionary theory...? That's not my
>field at all. Nor, as I pointed out, am I an Americam.
>So what's your point? Shall I harangue your failure to
>grasp the details of astrophysics...? Or Old English
>literature...? Get with it, "mate".

I have no idea at all, dearest odd Jrvis, what all this nonsense is
about. Quite plainly, I am trying to get to the bottom of it.

I do know that you had me kicked off ANTHRO-L for having been so bold
as to query the applicability of evolutionary theory in anthropology,
as many here know I carried over into this group. I do know that you
had drummed up the most hysterical of campaigns against me in support
of Dr Rindos the world famous evolutionary theorist, as if I had had
something to do with his being dismissed from UWA.

I do not know that you are an Americam (sic). I only know that you are
mailing me, and posting to the group, from North America. From this
address in fact cut directly from your mail header:


Or is that in The Cameroons, perhaps? Or maybe Outer Mongolia?

So why don't you just tell everyone what is going on?