27 Nov 94 21:03:32 AST

Hi, I am a junior in high school and I am doing a project on the use
of trigonometry in various careers. I am looking for profesionals who
use trigonometric concepts in their occupation or have used concepts
on a large project. Your help would be greatly appreciated. If you are
interested, all there is to do is fill out the following quick survey.
Thanks again to all those who respond, your assistance is extremely
helpful and appreciated.

To fill out the survey just type "reply" and fill in the blanks, and
if you can figure out a better way to get the survey back to me,

Jereme Monteau
Steller Alternative School
Anchorage, Alaska


Profession or Career:

What general problems or situations in your occupation require the use
of trigonometry?

In general, how is trigonometry used to solve the problem or

Please give a specific example of a problem/situation and tell exactly how
trigonometric concepts were used to rectify it.

Would you be willing to send additional information on your occupation
for me to present at my school?

Thank you again.