Re: origin of australian aborigines

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Tue, 29 Nov 1994 20:49:13 PST

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>:New Zealand was populated MUCH later by Polynesians! Do you mean Papua
>:Guinea? Dates are now appearing much earlier than 30,000 yrs in

>I'm certain you have more specifics than I. I am trying to recall this
>information from college courses taken over 5 yrs ago. I actually made
>the speculation that New Zealand was populated at around the same time,
>but, well, I got caught with my proverbial pants down. I am curious,
>though about the earlier dates emerging concerning the populating of
>Australia. Where were these people coming from? and what kind of evidence
>are they uncovering?

>From "Archaeology: Theories, Methods and Practice" by Colin Renfrew and Paul
Bahn 1991 ... "Australia was colonized by humans some 40,000 or 50,000 years
ago" (p. 143). Guess I can remove the ? following my estimate of 45,000 years
ago in an earlier post!

Regards, Richard