Re: Is it NeanderTHals or NeanderTals??

Mon, 5 Dec 1994 08:04:17 GMT

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William Lee <> wrote:
>Tal is German for Valley. Neandertal is the Neander Valley in
>Northwestern Germany, where the original skull of Neandertal was
>discovered. This is Anthro 1 stuff!

Hey, give a break to those reading this group out of interest who
happen _not_ to have taken anthropology in school! It's a fair

Stephanie Folse
University of Denver
Department of Anthopology

P.S. My personal problems with pronunciation stem from the fact that my
Intro to Archaeoology professor was more interested in making passes
at students than in teaching and my Intro to Anthro professor had
an emotional breakdown in class -- I may have gotten an education
but it certainly wasn't in Anthropology! I taught myself the Intro
stuff from books. (Disclaimer -- this happened in my undergrad
days and _not_ at the U of Denver.)