Watchdog, Hugh?

Gil Hardwick (
Mon, 05 Dec 1994 00:07:16 GMT

Hugh writes to me once more:

>Nauseous after reading sci.anthropology...? I'll agree that there are
>some rather tedious discussions of (anthropological) thoeries, such as
>the aquatic ape theory, but I am unaware (cultural blinkers...?) of any
>abundance of "nauseous" items being posted there. Actually, to be
>honest, when you are quiet, the feed is remarkably clean! Well, cheer
>up! Surely you must have more exciting, rewarding, and perhaps real
>pursuits than being the sole (self-appointed?) watchdog of all that is
>good, Australian, and aboriginal...! I thought so.
> Hugh Jarvis

I reply:

Glad you know about the word "honest", Hugh. Hear it from one of your
class, did you? Maybe in your next incarnation as a human being you
will begin to pick up on what it means.

You are the one who had arbitrarily and unilaterally set himself up as
Watchdog, Moral Guardian and List Owner of all things anthropological
on the Internet. You went out of your way, in fact, in your (I see
now) characteristic hysteria no doubt derived from your precarious
perch up there on that high horse of yours, to actually have me set
up for law suit so as to support your mate's bid to get his job back

As if I had anything to do with it to start with. Sorry, but in your
panic you missed the target. Maybe y'all Amurkans really ought to do
something about that Freedom of Speech of yours, at least sufficient
to cause anyone to check on their facts before launching into what
only emerges as a spittle spraying rant.

I yet wonder when any of your crowd are going to carry out any proper
research at all in fact, or to engage in at least some passing sort of
scholarship in reporting your results, instead of ranting over these
self-induced sex-scandals and Lord knows whatever else you choose to

Beyond that I am merely here pointing out that, sorry, the whole world
just ain't Amurkan. We all down this part of the world have our own
patch of ground, and as typically resent it being flooded with y'all

Any time any of you want to bring the hard facts on human origins to
the light of day, instead of hiding behind your own narrow idea of
"science" and Evolutionary Theory and asserting that humans definitely
arose in the Savannah and we know fer shor cos we all Amurkans and
y'all just don't know shit cos y'all Down Under thar only custodians of
them Stone Age Abos out in the desert anyway, why, Hugh, old mate,
maybe we will begin to exhibit some respect for what you have to say.

In the meantime, you might like to speak to your pet Sweaty Ape you
send as a delegate to sci.anthropology; you know, the one panting all
the while after 16 year old pussies.

And stop mailing me at this address.