To Dr John Collier . . .

Gil Hardwick (
Sun, 04 Dec 1994 02:13:33 GMT

John Collier,

Who or what is FAUSA?

Something like a national Federation of Australian Universities Staff
Associations, or what?

Is it they who are regarded as the representative academic union here
in this country?

Is it they who encouraged these legal proceedings against me, here
quite plainly as an innocent bystander having earlier been targetted
by Dr Rindos to become involved in his self-inflicted sex scandal,
when I had sought instead quite repeatedly with respect to another
issue entirely to have Dr Rindos please, kindly, to present us with
his field evidence in support of his argument that human categories
are universal?

And earlier on ANTHRO-L had similarly sought evidence in support of
the case for anthropology taking up Evolutionary Theory as a useful
paradigm? Causing me to have been kicked off by Hugh Jarvis, the
very same Hugh Jarvis lapsing into hysterics at the idea of his
friend, also interestingly an evolutionary theorist, having been
denied tenure at the University of Western Australia.

Since you have spoken up in defence of David Rindos, and here to this
forum made available facts previously unknown to me, what else can you
tell us about this affair?

What had you, or others connected with FAUSA to do with it?