Re: Even more...(Re: Get off the serf deal, already...)

Dennis O'Connor~ (
4 Dec 94 07:45:29 (Jeff Scott Franzmann) writes:
] Note Followups-Nothing in this thread at all about guns, some relates
] to Canadian law, a lot relates to anthropological theory n' such.
] Dennis seems to believe that the concept of 'survival of the fittest'
] is an immutable truth which applies equally to living organisms as
] well as social constructs.

Actually, ignorant one, "survival of the fittest" is circularly true,
since fitness is determined by survival (tho not neccesarily by the
survival of individuals, a point Jeff probably won't understand).

] He also seems to think that his own interpretation of freedom is
] the only concept of freedom available for consideration,

Where as Jeff thinks words have no fixed meaning at all, and
can be redefined at will for his convenience. That he can
calim this and still think he is communicating is double-think.

] Of course, applying his concept of evolution to his own ideas, we
] find that he is, quite probably, an evolutionary dead-end.

You'd have to imagine I care, Jeff, because I don't. If the
whole human race ended 30 years after my death, I wouldn't
care, because I'd be dead and oblivious to it. Evolutionary
theory is an attempt to explain how part of the Universe functions,
Jeff, not a moral imperative. Get a clue : "adapt or die" is a
prediction, not an exhortation.

] Highly specialized, he'll function well in his current social
] environment. Should that environment change, however, or (heaven
] forbid) should he be placed in a foreign environment, he will
] rapidly cease to function, unless he chooses to adapt. Something
] which he has shown no inclination towards doing.

Another falsehood from Jeff. Jeff of course has no information
at all about my life-history of adapting to change, and of
also altering my environment instead of adapting to it, as
we humans are prone to doing (and very succesfully too).

Jeff, when _are_ you going to learn that an insult _must_
strike close to home to be effective ? That's why you object
so strenuously to being called a serf.

Dennis O'Connor
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