NEED INFO: U. of Georgia & U. of Kentucky

Internat'l Center-New Forests Project (
2 Dec 1994 22:09:10 GMT

Can anyone out there provide me with info about the MA/PhD programs in
Anthropology at the University of Georgia and the University of Kentucky??
I am particularly interested in Kentucky's program in food policy and
applied/development anthro (rather than their medical anthro track). And
I am eager to find out details about Georgia's program in ecological/
environmental anthro. Both of these programs sound very unique (i.e.
different from 'traditional' anthro grad programs) and quite applied. If
you are (or were) a student at either of these schools, would you
recommend the programs? What inside info can you provide me with?? (I
already have literature from the departments).

THANKS in advance for the help!

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[I have a BA in anthro and am currently applying to graduate school for
the fall of 1995. My main interests are: agricultural/rural development,
indigenous/local knowledge, forestry/agroforestry, and Africa]