A note from Hugh . . .

Gil Hardwick (gil@landmark.DIALix.oz.au)
Sat, 03 Dec 1994 01:00:23 GMT

Hugh Jarvis writes to me:

Subject: Re: This matter of "privacy" in public affairs . . .

>My compliments, Mr. Hardwick, on what is to my knowledge,
>your most courteous, and non-defamatory, posting yet.
> Sincerely,
> Hugh Jarvis

To which I reply:

Hugh! You show yourself remotely capable of understanding such things,
rather than launching into your usually hysterical and scurrilous
abuse against people you don't even know, and have not even met!

Talk about the pot calling the kettle black! [censored] hypocrit!

The crap is for YOUR beneifit, in response to all your crap as I have
stated quite clearly. The matter is managed now at this end by my own
actions in having the newsfeed stopped, so that I don't have to put
up with the garbage flooding my system from the US.

But do not be deluded into thinking that you can pull any more of your
stupid stunts, or that at any time I will not be monitoring the group,
or know what other scurrilous filth you choose to post.

Rather, you might use some of your activitist resources getting the
US end of it cleaned up, that the rest of us out here in the world
will not be feeling so nauseous after reading sci.anthropology.

It is YOU who has cost Dr Rindos so much money pursuing his pointless
legal actions here in Western Australia, not me mate. You ought to
know that we don't go for that sort of thing down here. In the wake of
it all my reputation is enhanced for having stood up to you all, and
ensured that next time you will definitely think twice about it, while
he has no chance whatever to get his job back.

You, Boot and Wilkins alike must be feeling the most profound shame
and remorse right now, were you any decent sorts of human beings.

But I expect not. That would be asking far too much . . .