Re: Foucault, Freud and Sex--why the secret?

Todd Michel McComb (
Wed, 23 Nov 1994 01:22:53 GMT

In article <> Gerold Firl writes:
>Judeo-christian-islamic culture attempts to sublimate sexual energy into
>other areas which result in *social* benefits rather than the *individual*
>benefit of pleasure. This is a difficult task. Humans are very sexual
>animals. We have evolved an unusual sexuality (see _The Evolution of Human
>Sexuality_ by Symmons (sp?) for a beautiful analysis) which pervades our
>interpersonal relationships, and which requires extraordinary measures to
>repress. If Dora acknowledged all of her desires, she would've found it very
>difficult to function in her society, and if her society allowed full
>expression of human sexual impulse, then its acheivements in the arts and
>sciences would never have occured.

Do you have the slightest bit of evidence for the outrageous assertion
of the final sentence? You can start by discussing the implication that,
in the absence of repression, substantially more sexual intercourse
would occur beyond adolescence.

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