Re: origin of australian aborigines

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Tue, 29 Nov 1994 15:35:41 GMT

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>Jean) writes:
>:A few years ago, I read that there were 2 theories about the origin of
>:the australian aborigines to explain their distinct features.
>:Either they had been isolated from other humans and thus evolved
>:separately after the australian continent came into existence OR they
>:had a distinct genetic background meaning that they would be the only
>:humans on the planet who are not homo sapiens sapiens, but a small
>:terminal parallel branch (but by no means inferior) in the evolution
>My understanding about the origins of Australian aboriginals is that they
>arrived on the islands of Australia and New Zealand about 30,000 yrs ago.
New Zealand was populated MUCH later by Polynesians! Do you mean Papua New
Guinea? Dates are now appearing much earlier than 30,000 yrs in Australia.

Robert Mark