Re: Early Indonesian contact with East Africa

Scott C DeLancey (
30 Nov 1994 09:24:17 -0800

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Opiowade <> wrote:
>My question is, can anybody recommend any sources of articles/books
>written on the contact of Indonesians with either East Africa or
>Madagascar. I know that there was interaction with Madagascar as
>evidenced by instruments such as the Valiha (tubular zither made from
>bamboo), but I don't know at what time this contact is purported to have
>taken place, by whom and to what extent. Any help would be appreciated.

Malagasy, the language of Madagascar, belongs to the Austronesian
family, which means that its relatives are Polynesian and Indonesian--
it's not related to any languages of Africa. I don't know what the
archeological evidence is like, but the linguistic facts are proof
that Madagascar was settled at some point by migrants from Indonesia.

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