Re: Signing off . . .

Wed, 30 Nov 1994 00:24:00 GMT

In article <>, (DOBSON JHEF JAMES) writes...
>>: The people sending email to Hardwick's sysop demanding that he be cut off
>>: should be ashamed of themselves.
I for one wrote to Hardwick's provider. I asked him if there
was any way he could ask Hardwick to be more civil. He replied
that he felt he should not be involved. I reminded him that he
has a legal responsibility to be involved. Apparently several
others also pointed out that fact. At no time did I demand
Hardwick be cut off. Indeed, I expressed my regrets that
Hardwick feels he is beyond any level of social propriety.
As some of you know, my own interaction with Hardwick began
when he was a subscriber to anthro-l, and began to get so
abusive, sexist, racist, and crude, that the list members
who are typically very reserved began to complain in droves.
I contacted Hardwick, and was treated in an extremely abusive
manner when all I asked was that he please be more civil. After
several attempts, while he continued to attack many people, now
including myself, the listowner, I finally consulted our
facility's list manager and, after looking over what Hardwick
was writing, decided to cut Hardwick off, I believe, from
not only my list, but possibly all lists. I let Hardwick
know that he was very welcome back on anthro-l, should he
act in a more civil manner. The text of his reply I will
not pass on, but let me suffice that he clearly has no
desire to engage in a civil manner. I regret that he has
decided to act in this fashion, but I don't feel we as the
Net community need to permit such abuse. There are too many
others who are affected in a negative manner who are much,
much more deserving than he.

Hugh Jarvis