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27 Nov 1994 03:30:52 GMT

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: Gil Hardwick ( wrote:
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: : But you had to tell the world about your son's own #PRIVATE# parts
: : though, didn't you? As if parading some virtue of yours, like some
: : reverse order sort of Jewish motherliness.

: : It might be OK there in the Good Ol' US of A, but in other parts of
: : the world boys have been selected out to be shot on the basis of
: : whether or not their prepuce is intact.

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I would like to know just who gets shot? Those who are or those who
aren't circumcised? And is that men? women? or both? Thanks for info.
Glad I don't live where this is practiced! Dave.

: Would your highness be so kind as to give more details ? ... Am I to
: understand from your sentence that because some twisted society wants to
: execute someone based on whether he is circumcised or not (alleged by
: you), the act of doing the circumcision must be deemed to be moral and
: right ??

: Why then, surely gassing Jews must be OK ? Didn't Hitler have them lined
: up and chosen to die on the grounds of their ethnicity ?

: I hope Australia is big enough for your ego... and have a nice day.

: Fred