Henry Collier and "threats"

Gil Hardwick (gil@landmark.DIALix.oz.au)
Wed, 07 Dec 1994 01:35:37 GMT

This was passed on to me, thanks:

>In article <3as245$i34@wumpus.cc.uow.edu.au>, collier@wumpus.cc.uow.edu.au
>(henry w collier) wrote:
>> This is a copy of a message that I received from one Mr. Gil Hardwick.
>> There is an unveiled threat in this message that is, IMO, totally
>> and wholly inappropriate for this network.

Nobody has threatened you at any time, Henry Collier. You refused to
answer my mail to you, after you a complete stranger had gone behind
my back seeking to have me prevented from using the Internet.

Certainly if you know my sysop's address, and know of him by name into
the bargain, surely you will know my address. At no time have you been
prevented from getting in touch with me.

What is it you want? How is it that you are unable to speak plainly
to me yourself, and discuss reasonably as one human being to another
whatever it is of concern to you?

Please excuse me that I simply do not respect this snide, underhand
and wholly unwarranted back-stabbing in which you engage, toward
people you never even met and who don't know you from a bar of soap.

Excuse me that I keep clear of the Universities for that very reason,
while all you are doing is showing to the world exactly what it is I
have been complaining about all this time. So many of us had been all
through our childhood beaten continuously and abused, and denied any
progress through the education system whatsoever until I in my own
case had later in life, after two nervous breakdowns, finally found a
way through the barriers and got myself at least some passing sort of
tertiary education.

And I must add recognition of and respect for my field knowledge in
anthropology by being accepted nevertheless as a full professional
member of our registering body at least here in Western Australia.

Of course we end up rough around the edges. What do you expect, when
you with privileged tenure subject people to a lifetime of brutality
and abuse? Angels? But you are here only using that as FURTHER excuse
to persist with the brutalising, instead of simply accepting the
other as a fellow, a colleague and ally with something of value to

The situation remains wholly unsatisfactory, and I do anticipate that
in the finality somebody must be called to account; to explain to us
why we are treated in so appalling a manner. And fix the problem.

In this particular instance, however, when I am over that way I would
as I had mailed you prefer simply to call on you, to discuss whatever
it is you have against me.

I few others I would call on too, but they can wait.