Mail from Marius . . .

Gil Hardwick (
Sun, 27 Nov 1994 07:17:48 GMT

Marius mailed to me excerpts of mine, without comment, beginning:

>In article <> opined:
>: The simple solution to this problem, Moerman, is for me to have the
>: sci.anthropology newsfeed to this site just cut right off.

I replied:

A point you wish to make, Marius, old fruits?

It is no longer so astonishing that your lot have once again resorted
to threats and violence against people instead of joining them in an
extended world dialogue toward sorting out our differences.

No problem. The recent Boyer Lectures Series here focused on exactly
that; on the problem of our country being flooded with American crap
were we to allow the electronic floodgates to open, and what actions
we might adopt in preventing that situation from arising.

Ah, but we have learned well in the meantime . . . .